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Services Offered

Please get in touch to discuss how I could help you with your project. My experience of designing and building furniture and artworks for the public realm, means I can offer different types of support, whether looking at a specific area or throughout the life of a project. Together we can discuss conceptual ideas and technical requirements, we can solve problems and develop your ideas to a point where they can be built.
I can also work as a creative producer, finding and appointing artists and managing the commissioning process.
Design Stage


Develop ideas into workable designs.

2D drawings.

3D models.

Problem solving and advice on working in the public realm.

Presentation Stage

Drawings for planning applications.

Visuals. 3D models and renderings of the design and its surroundings.

Physical models.

Photo montage and presentation pages.


Manufacturing Stage

I can help to get your designs made.

Turn your sketches into drawings for manufacture. lasercut metal, router cut woods and plastics or fabrication drawings for manufacturers.

I can work with structural engineers, preparing drawings for them to sign off, potentially saving you fees.


Bristol City Council, Luke Jerram, Walter Jack Studio, KWMC The Factory, Holly Hickmore, Billy Colours.

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